February 24, 2005

Campus Couture

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It is no longer enough for your clothes to simply cover up your body because the trend of the future is multipurpose garments. Savvy manufacturers are dreaming up inventive ways to differentiate their lines from the rest and they have come up with some intriguing ideas.

Miss Sixty Anti-Cellulite Jeans

In 2004, popular sportswear line Miss Sixty introduced a collection of jeans containing Skintex, an anti-cellulite serum. The company claims that when the wearer of the jeans moves, the fabric rubs against the skin and breaks the tiny Skintex capsules, releasing anti-cellulite cream. The medical world, however, has voiced its disapproval of the product so don’t give up your gym membership just yet.

Subtle Safety Defensive Ring

If you’re a girl who never leaves home without a bottle of mace, this is the ring for you. It’s a harmless piece of jewelry, but unfold it and voila! — instant weapon. I don’t recommend it to be used for regular abuse of your boyfriend or even that creepy guy who stares at you in class, but this accessory will give you confidence on the walk home from Uris at 2 a.m.

C. Ronson Dancing Skirt

This is one item of clothing that truly understands what it means to multi-task. When you get bored of wearing this skirt, simply pull the wide waistband up over your chest and you’ve got yourself a cute tube top. A skirt AND a shirt for less than $30? Score!

Docker’s Perspiration Guard Shirt

Guys with overactive sweat glands, take heart — someone out there feels your pain. Thanks to Dockers’ proStyle shirts with Perspiration Guard, you no longer have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains during a date or a class presentation. The plaid pattern on these shirts is a bit stuffy, but hey, it keeps you dry and smelling fresh.

Ex Officio BUZZ OFF Sweatshirt

If you’ve ever gone on a camping trip only to return to civilization covered in mosquito bites, check out Ex Officio’s BUZZ OFF products. The line consists of shirts, pants, socks and hats that contain Insect Shield, an odorless substance that repels biting insects. Yes, bug spray has the same effect, but wouldn’t it be nice not to have to douse yourself in foul-smelling Off?

Swiss Masai Sport Sneaker

At $234, these may seem a bit pricey. They are not, however, just another pair of sneakers. Dubbed “the invisible personal trainer,” they reportedly tone muscles, improve balance, help get rid of varicose veins and increase blood flow to “problem areas.” You’d better order yours quickly, though, the Swiss Masai is only available in limited quantities

Archived article by Katie Azzaro
Sun Staff Writer