February 24, 2005

Test Spin: Esthero

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In We R in Need of a Musical Revolution!, a Toronto based underground pop duo composed of singer Esthero and sound engineer Doc, delivers its traditional anti-establishment message through enjoyable music. The album’s title song is a fast-paced plea for diversity in popular music conveyed through a jumpy, but likeable tune with Esthero shouting that she just “wants something more.”

Also to look for on this EP is the song, “This Lull-a-Bye.” The slick, modern jazz song backed up with soft trumpets and guitar is effortlessly smooth as well as enjoyable. Although I couldn’t help but like the rather peppy “Everyday is a Holiday,” this rhythmic and surprisingly upbeat song may irk some purists of the Esthero style. A simple song about love, it is reminiscent of Chicago’s popular hits from the ’70s. All in all, this new EP is a must for any followers of this eccentric singer and certainly worth checking out for someone tired of the mindless pop-rock found on the radio.

Archived article by Mark Rice
Sun Staff Writer