February 24, 2005

Test Spin: Shivaree

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Known for her hit “Goodnight Moon,” which was featured on the Kill Bill: Vol. 2 soundtrack, Shivaree is back with her third album, Who’s Got Trouble? The artist’s name is an Americanization of the French word meaning “a serenade for newlyweds,” and her sound doesn’t stray too far from such a gracious labeling. With a tremolo guitar, light drums and soft surf-rock progression complimenting each song, Shivaree sounds like a watered-down Gwen Stefani with a chill band that varies in direction between Jack Johnson, The Shins and appreciated hints of the great Western film composer, Ennio Morricone. “Mexican Boyfriend” is easily the best song of the album, highlighting Shivaree’s powerful voice with a backbeat that resonates like a superfluous lullaby. Who’s Got Trouble? is definitely worth a listen and probably a purchase. My only concern is the one-dimensionality that arises from the band’s overall concoction of sound. And while Shivaree’s childish enunciations and delicate voice brings a similar result to each song’s character, it is a soothing and intriguing result nonetheless.

Archived article by Dan Cohen
Sun Staff Writer