February 24, 2005

Test Spin: SNMNMNM!

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Besides a penchant for exclamation marks and consonants, SNMNMNM! also shows promise in the art of popularity through nonchalance. As Best As We Can, the newest album from a quartet that includes three classically trained musicians and that proudly proclaims their music to be filled with “near-lethal doses of libertine lyrical liberalism,” would seem to have all the makings of indie-kid pretension. This suspicion is confirmed through further flirtation with alliteration when the band explicitly establishes that they are not “pop poser pretenders.”

But don’t let SNMNMNM!’s affection for linguistic snobbery interfere with you giving their music a chance because their songs are surprisingly catchy! With musical accompaniment in the form of trombones and accordions in addition to the traditional staples of rock music, SNMNMNM! opts for an unconventional sound that is perhaps epitomized in their decision for the album to actually include a tuba solo. Besides, when will you ever have another chance to hear a song written solely about that hot girl on the ski team?

Archived article by Tracy Zhang
Sun Staff Writer