March 3, 2005

Wrestling With Joe Mazzurco

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A ferocious competitor on the mat, off the mat, senior 174-pounder Joe Mazzurco has been called “Facebook man of the year,” “feminine,” and “Mr. Hollywood” by several of his teammates. As the ninth-ranked wrestler prepares to qualify for the NCAA tournament with the EIWA championships taking place this weekend, Mazzurco sat down and grappled with Sun senior editor Brian Tsao.

1. When you were younger, did you ever watch the WWF?
Yeah, all the time. My brothers and I used to watch it all the time. We always used to watch the pay-per-views. I just enjoyed the charisma of it. We used to like Ric Flair because he was flamboyant and cocky and arrogant. I like people like that who are confident.
Have you ever put the figure four leg lock on anybody?
I have, not in a real wrestling match, but definitely, screwing around with my friends.
If you were to put the figure four on any of your teammates, who would it be?
(Laughs) Tyler Shovlin.
Because we’re best friends, but we bicker sometimes, and sometimes, I want to hit him. Tyler and I have a funny, friendly rivalry, so to speak.
Do you think he’d tap out?
I don’t know. He’s got some big legs.

2. During a match, you broke your jaw last season. What couldn’t you do?
I couldn’t eat. That was the major thing. And you take for granted being able to snack on a Snickers bar or something like that.
Did that in anyway impair your social life?
Yeah, I looked like a freak. My face was all swelled up. I looked like Jay Leno times ten. I got a big chin to begin with … That was kind of a blow to the ego.
But you know what they say about people with big chins…

3. What’s the hottest women’s team at Cornell?
Ooh, that’s a tough one … I have to go with the track girls.
They’re all in really good shape, they’ve got nice, toned bodies. They’re all really nice girls, I’m actually friends with a few of them, so I’m going to give a shout out to the track girls on this one.
Nice answer.

4. I heard people say that you think you are the most stylish person on the team. You are labeled as the “team metrosexual” on the team’s Facebook group. Is this true?
We had Derek DelPorto, who was our [assistant] coach last year, and he was a self-proclaimed metrosexual. He was very in the fashion, he was very into trying to look good, and after Derek left, somebody had to carry that torch and I felt I fit the bill.
Do you think you fit the shoes of “team metrosexual”?
Yes, I think I could take that title.

5. Is it in the clothes?
I just try to be as fashionable as possible in terms of clothes, trying to look tan, things of that nature, making sure the hair is looking good and all of that stuff. It’s the whole total package.
It’s all accessorizing…
You got to have the bright watch, you got to have everything matching. Never go black and brown together. You can’t do that.
Out of all of your teammates, who needs the most fashion help?
(Sighs). We’re going to have to go with Jason Manross. Great kid, but needs a little work on the fashion sense.

6. I actually saw you getting your haircut on Sunday at Studio 108. Any special style you ask for?
I basically just tell them to trim it up and then on top, I want the messy look.
Are you a mousse man or a gel man?
I usually go with Pomade.
It’s kind of a mix of wax and gel. I just throw that in there and make it look as messy as possible … It gives a more flexible hold than gel does. I’ve experimented with many hair products over the years so Pomade is what I’m sticking with now.
Wow. You gotta hook me up with that stuff.

7. Do you consider yourself the biggest ladies man on the team?
I don’t know if I could consider myself the biggest. I gotta give that award probably to Jim March. But I’d like to think I hold my own in that category.
I have done research (ie: Facebook) that you have a fondness for Jessica Simpson and there are rumblings that she might be single soon. If she was right here, what types of moves would you put on her?
You don’t want to be overly aggressive. You want to be aggressive and confident, but not make it totally blatant. I’d just try to take a relaxed, casual approach, try to make her laugh and take it from there.
Good thing I’m taking notes.

8. If you were able to fly, have the strength of 100 men, or be invisible, which would you want and why?
I’d say strength of 100 men without a doubt. I’d feel like I could rule the world.
[Head coach Rob] Koll said that you’d need the strength of 100 men to get off bottom when he’s on top of you.
Yeah, that would definitely help me out considering he’d just kick the crap out of me on top.

9. Koll talks a lot of trash…
He does talk a lot of smack. A lot of smack talk has been spoken between him and me. Can he back it up?
Yeah, he pretty much beats everyone up in the room except for [assistant coach] Clint [Wattenberg ’03]. He’s ancient, so for him to come out and not even train and still beat the crap out of all of us, that’s impressive. I got to give him credit, as much as I hate to admit it.
He’s probably listening to Rod Stewart or the Bee Gees as we speak…

10. Do you have issues wearing the singlet?
No, I’ve been around it since I was five, both of my older brothers wrestled. It’s been a part of my life for as long as I could remember.
Do chicks dig the singlet?
That depends on the chick. Some chicks like it, but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some chicks like it, some chicks don’t. It’s pretty much how it is. Hopefully, I could find the chicks that like it.