March 10, 2005

Test Spin- Kasabian

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You’ve never heard of Kasabian? Me neither, and I don’t expect to ever hear from them again. This quartet of European technoids is pretty generic, producing music that could easily serve as the soundtrack for any one of your favorite luxury car commercials. That’s not to say there aren’t fun and catchy songs on their debut album, but as with all pseudo-techno pop, there is something lacking. It’s as if Kasabian couldn’t decide if they wanted to be Darude or Radiohead, so they try to shroud their lack of imagination with ethereal vocals, ambiguous lyrics and a boatload of synthesizers. Their effort is transparent; their best tracks are those where they stick to computer effects and abandon dreams of guitar divinity. It’s hard to blame Kasabian for putting out a dull album; it’s obvious they are not talented. I just feel sorry for them in the same way I feel sorry for Yao Ming; effort can’t get you anywhere when you just don’t have the muscles to flex.

Archived article by Stan Feldman
Sun Contributor