March 17, 2005

Campus Couture

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Spring break is finally here! We know you’re excited, but before you jet off to an exotic locale, be sure that you have the essentials. In order to help you plan for your trip, we’ve put together the items that you can’t live without, no matter what spring break hotspot you’ve been dreaming of ever since the snow began to fall. This week, we hope that you’re packing instead of studying.

Sequin Triangle Bikini (Miami)

Alright girls, after a winter of stuffing your face with pizza after the bars close and riding the bus to class to avoid the cold, you’re probably not ready for this bikini. Still, you can’t hide your pasty, flabby body in your hotel room while everyone else is having fun in the sun. By now it’s too late to hit the gym and the tanning booth, so slap on some self-tanner, suck in the gut and get out on the beach (at least your bikini is cute).

Cash (Las Vegas)

In Sin City, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing because you’re going to lose your shirt in the casinos either way. We recommend that you bring cash — and lots of it. Just don’t forget, gambling may be fun, but if you don’t have money to eat, all that free alcohol is going to catch up with you.

Beaded Halter Dress (Bahamas Cruise)

Bathing suits are fun, but cruises have an added bonus — you get to show your elegant side and wear classy dresses to dinner. The guys will be at their best too, and what girl doesn’t love a boy in a suit? Take advantage of the romantic atmosphere and the waves won’t be the only thing rocking the boat!

Helen Kaminski Lanai (Jamaica)

We bet that you’re excited to bask in the hot Jamaican sun, and we hate to ruin your fun, but you’ll appreciate our advice after a day on the beach. A little color is cute, but burn blisters will seriously hurt your chances of hooking up over break. So put on this hat, grab a drink and enjoy your day. It’ll ensure that your night is enjoyable as well.

Durex Chocolate Condoms (Cancun)

What happens on spring break stays there — unless we’re talking about an STD. Herpes will most definitely follow you back to Ithaca. Girls, flashing your boobs might be fun but if it leads to other things make sure you’ve got one of these tucked in your bikini. Guys, if you wear nothing else on spring break, wear this and there won’t be any need for a paternity test in your future!

Penguin Sweater (Home)

If you’re spending spring break in New York with your mom and dad, we feel bad for you. You don’t need to pack much besides the sweaters you’ve been wearing for months in Ithaca. While you’re snuggled up in your cozy sweater, just think of the rest of us relaxing on the beach. Maybe next year, you’ll plan better.

Archived article by Katie Azzaro and Jessica Karp
Sun Staff Writers