April 7, 2005

Test Spin: Hypnotic Clambake

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Only one thing can be sure: Hypnotic Clambake is not the band you thought you would hear. Characteristic of the album are lyrics like “Don’t be mean/ Can of sardines,” which can be found within the song “Beans.”

Mayonnaise is eclectic to say the least, spanning subject manner from the somewhat serious to the entirely fantastical. “500 Robots” is literally about having robots while “Turn Your Brain Off” wisely advises, “Turn your brain off, Turn your brain off/ When the politician speaks.” Meanwhile, “Danger Mouse” is an almost eight minute instrumental track that plays like a journey through an unrecognizable landscape. It does extend just a bit too long, however.

The band synthesizes a variety of musical styles, using accordions and sound effects among other things to give the album an overall psychedelic, yet original feel. The frequently exotic sound of songs coupled with deceivingly simple lyrics result in each track being unique and different. Don’t expect symbolic language or heavily constructed metaphors here. This is music at its most fun.

Archived article by Tracy Zhang
Arts and Entertainment Editor