April 14, 2005

Test Spin: Myshkin's Ruby Warblers

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Corvidae, the newest release from the indie-jazz group Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers provides a soothing set of 11 well-connected songs. In many ways the CD is a trip back to traditional easy-going electric jazz. Most of the music in the group’s repertoire consists of smooth, drawn out acoustic guitar riffs accompanying other traditional jazz instruments. If you listen carefully in a few songs, however, you can catch some more classical instruments like violins. Of course this is all accompanied by lead singer Myshkin’s clear and cutting voice.

Most of the album is centered on the rather somber lyrics related to jail, war and general human suffering or loneliness. However, isn’t this what great blues and folk music is all about? Besides I found myself focusing not on the lyrics’ content, but more on how their tone complemented the already touching musical arrangement.

Corvidae is certainly not music that you would jam to in your car but remains well-connected and deep without being overpowering. Corvidae not only provides therapy for the jazz-starved, but for the stressed out as well.

Archived article by Mark Rice
Sun Staff Writer