April 28, 2005

Test Spin: Various Artists

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Now that’s what I call indie music! Fox and Warner Brothers have put together a winning combination of instant hipster-in-a-jewel-case. The album has a few recognizable acts: Beck, Modest Mouse, Imogen Heap (the singer from Frou Frou) but is mostly composed of lesser-known artists awaiting your discovery. “Fortress” by Pinback stands out as the catchiest song on the mix. Think Deathcab meets Interpol. “On the Table” by A.C. Newman is another winner. Think The New Radicals, but better. There’s also a bunch of girly ballad types, but I’m not so into those. However, they could come in handy if you’re standing outside the library and want the cute girl who just bummed a cigarette to know you’re sensitive.

The album closes with a cover of “Champagne Supernova” by Matt Pond PA. Arguably, it’s the best song on the album (and better than Oasis’ original). It’s also a perfect example of The O.C. universe’s postmodern ontology: nothing is original and everything is only a rearrangement of existing cultural touchstones. This is, after all, a “mix,” not a soundtrack.

Archived article by Aaron Suggs
Sun Contributor