May 5, 2005

Campus Couture

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I n just a few weeks the Class of 2005, will officially become Cornell graduates. Entering a new phase of life is always exciting — particularly because it’s a great excuse to go shopping! Wearing sweatpants and Pumas to work is probably not the best way to make a good impression on your new boss, so use that graduation money wisely and invest in some career apparel. You’ll be climbing the corporate ladder in no time!

Banking & Finance
Flashy accessories, like this Omega watch, are a must in the exclusive world of finance. Ok, so it’s a bit pricier than what you’re used to spending on your wardrobe, but look at it this way — soon enough, you’ll be raking in the cash and the cost of this expensive watch will seem like mere pennies.

Public Relations
In the fast-paced world of PR, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Get ahead by keeping track of your business contacts in a designer address book. While your competitors search for old business cards and phone numbers scribbled on scraps of paper, you’re already one step ahead.

When you’re in a business that emphasizes serving others, chances are you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your feet. For women, this can mean either suffering in cute-but-torturous shoes or giving in and wearing an unsightly pair of loafers. Solve your problems with flats that won’t cause blisters or swelling.

If you’re planning on running for office one day, you might as well start working on your handshake now. Even if you’re not as engaging as former politicians like good ol’ Bill Clinton, you can still one-up your opponents with a pair of classy cufflinks. Even if you aren’t elected, at least you’ll look good.

Ok, so engineers aren’t known for their style. Prove everyone wrong with the fool-proof combination of a dress shirt and khakis. Though you might spend your days secluded in a lab, you’ve got to dress the part if you ever want to move on to upper management!

Graduate/Law/Medical School
Delaying the real world for another few years doesn’t sound like a bad idea. After all, who’d want to give up drinking on Wednesday nights and sleeping until 10 p.m. in favor of morning commutes and eight-hour days? Sadly, you can’t mooch off your parents forever, but in the meantime you might as well pick up a new pair of sweats for schlepping around campus. Don’t think you can avoid reality forever though — eventually you’ll have to trade in your beloved hoodies and flip flops for pantyhose and ties.

Archived article by Katie Azzaro
Sun Staff Writer