May 5, 2005

Test Spin: Various Artists

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If I were stuck on an island with just this soundtrack, I would eat this CD before I listened to it again. It’s possibly unfair for me to review a heavy metal album when I don’t particularly enjoy the genre. This music reminded me of watching Wesley Snipes kill a bunch of vampires in a futuristic European nightclub. I forget if that was Blade or Blade 2 or Blade 3. Maybe that happened in all three.

Anyway, Marylin Manson, Deftones and Prodigy are on the soundtrack. These one-trick ponies crawled out from whatever rock they’ve been under to articulate their testosterone-fueled angst towards society with scattershot accuracy. The Prodigy, for example, show off their musical range and pyromania with the song “Spitfire”, which only their producer could distinguish from their other song, “Firestarter”. The Von Bondies have a song on the soundtrack, which came across as pleasantly soothing and melodious given its context. Unfortunately, the only times I can imagine listening to this album is while killing vampires in nightclubs or while shopping at Hot Topic.

Archived article by Aaron Suggs
Sun Contributor