July 7, 2005

Presidential Search Committee Formed

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With President Jeffrey S. Lehman’s ’77 tenure complete and President Emeritus Hunter R. Rawlings III settled into his Day Hall office, a committee has been formed to select the next President of Cornell University.

Diana M. Daniels, vice chair of the Cornell Board of Trustees, will chair the search committee.

Lehman announced his resignation during his State of the University address on June 11, and officially stepped down on June 30.

The committee to choose the University’s twelfth president is comprised of members from the Board of Trustees, faculty, students, employees, the Weill Cornell Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences, senior administration and alumni.

Trustee members of the committee are Daniels, chair; Ezra Cornell; C. Morton Bishop III; Robert T. Blakely III; Elizabeth D. Earle, faculty-elected trustee; Michael V. Esposito, employee-elected trustee; Samuel C. Fleming; Blanche S. Goldenberg; Paul A. Gould; Robert S. Harrison; Myra Maloney Hart; Joshua D. Katcher, student-elected trustee; Robert J. Katz; Peter C. Meinig; Doug Mitarotonda, student-elected trustee; Elizabeth D. Moore; Edwin H. Morgens; and Jan Rock Zubrow.

Nontrustee members are: Antonio M. Gotto Jr., M.D., dean of the Weill Medical College and provost for medical affairs; Susan H. Murphy, vice president for student and academic services; Juris Hartmanis, faculty member; and Laura S. Brown, faculty member.

In the announcement, Meinig and Daniels mentioned three advisers to the committee. They are Harold Tanner, board chair emeritus; Sanford I. Weill, trustee emeritus and chair of the Weill Cornell Medical College Board of Overseers, and Stephen H. Weiss, board chair emeritus.

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