July 18, 2005

Administration, Redbud Activists Agree to Deal

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The Redbud Woods Working Group and the University reached an agreement yesterday, allowing construction on the planned 176-spot parking lot to continue unimpeded by the group and, for the next two years, giving free transit passes to incoming students who forgo parking permits.

“The university will assume additional responsibilities as a result of this agreement and is satisfied that the resolution of this situation is a positive development for all concerned,” stated a University press release.

The agreement states that all new students, including freshmen, transfer students, and professional and graduate students, will receive a free transit pass if they do not request or receive a parking permit.

The agreement further states that “in the fall 2006, both the new students of that year and the second year students who enrolled in 2005 will be included [in the free pass commitment].”

The agreement also calls for the Student Assembly and Graduate and Professional Student Assembly to hold non-binding referenda on student attitudes towards parking, “including but not limited to, a potential ban on cars for freshmen.” If the assemblies are not interested in holding such referenda, the agreement states, “the Administration will conduct a survey on its own.”

In addition, a Cornell Neighborhood Council will convene six times a year to discuss issues of shared interest between the University and nearby neighborhoods. The statement also outlines the creation of several other committees to investigate sustainable growth issues and to report on why the opposition grew to the proposed parking lot in the first place.

The University also agreed to speak the Judicial Administrator and “appropriate authorities” about forgiveness of the charges brought against protesters for trespassing and resisting arrest.

About four protesters remained in the trees, holding out in protest against the lot. The working group said that they were not associated with them, and that many of them were from out of town and not present at the beginning of the protest.

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Archived article by Sun Staff