September 1, 2005

Test Spin: Billy Corgan

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Oh Billy, why did you have to go and further tarnish what semblance of glorified nostalgia your fans still have for you? Wasn’t Zwan and your book of poetry enough? It’s all well and good when a great musician wants to pursue a solo career so long as they differentiate themselves from their previous work. Are you longing for your glory days circa 1995. Is that why you took out a ridiculous and ego-maniacal full-page advertisement in The Chicago Tribune proclaiming your desire to reunite The Smashing Pumpkins? Do you forget that you smashed them? Because pretty much all of The Future Embrace sounds like the Pumpkins, but not the Pumpkins at the height of their epic, blistering walls of sound. While I’ll give you a great deal of respect for having the balls to cover the Bee Gee’s “To Love Somebody,” songs like “Mina Loy (M.O.H.),” “DIA” and almost everything here sounds like bad Pumpkins’ b-sides wrung through the over-produced prog machines of that failure known as Machina. What is a future embrace anyway?

Archived article by Zach Jones
Associate Editor