September 13, 2005

Laugh it Out

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While this column is not usually a forum to discuss issues beyond the scope of Hollywood-related faux pas and the general musings of the college-student pictured to the right, once in a while it is time to get serious – about laughing.

The past few weeks have flooded our conscience with stories of pain, suffering and loss from Katrina. Cornell has done a great service in welcoming Tulane students onto its campus and into its classrooms; As well, the entertainment community, led by Oprah and others, have done their part to aid victims of Katrina. Equally important, they have made us laugh.

While of course some topics are sacred, tragedy should not force us to stop laughing. In fact, a little levity does a body good. Isn’t that what New Orleans was all about? Or was Mardi Gras a day of silence and reverence. I’m pretty sure girls showed their boobs for beads.

In fact, we could probably learn a thing or two from our new Tulane friends about how to have fun. Leaving the bayou for the gorges won’t be easy come October’s first snow, and they are going to need those skills honed during Mardi Gras if they want to keep a positive attitude during prelims. According to, Cornell University is: “Regarded to be the easiest to get into [of the Ivy League Universities] (due to the state colleges that are branches of the university) but the hardest to stay in. In one article, it was mentioned as ‘the only campus where you walk up a 45 degree incline in 45 degree weather to get a 45% on a test.'”

You might not think it when given this reputation, but laughter is the Cornell student’s best medicine, not adderal. Certainly in this section we know a little about that. Late nights, lots of coffee – this is the journalist/student’s life, and it takes a lot of laughter to get through it. But I digress. I am in no way comparing the stress of school to the tragedy experienced by those in New Orleans, or, as the anniversary of September 11th this weekend reminds us, 9/11, but I would defend my right to lighten up and laugh above all other rights given to me by my creator. I ask you – if we didn’t laugh, what would we be left with?

This is where the importance of entertainment comes in. It’s ok to enjoy a cheesy show like The O.C. or an irreverent comedy like Family Guy, or whatever it is you like, just because you enjoy it. Even more, it is ok to turn your attention away from the news pages and maybe pick up this section, because that’s what it is there for – to entertain you. Now go get some beads.

Archived article by Logan Bromer