September 15, 2005

Test Spin: MoZella

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Signing an exclusive recording contract with Maverick Records, MoZella is beginning to live out her dreams. Taking the spotlight as one of the newest singer/songwriters, this 23-year-old Detroit native has begun to put the finishing touches on her debut album, self entitled, MoZella. On the label, she finds herself in good company such as Alanis Morissette, Michelle Branch, Story of the Year, Tyler Hilton and Madonna. Her five-song EP release is a stimulating blend of soulful vocals with a jazzy yet pop-sounding melody. The tone of her songs such as “Amazed” and “You Wanted It” are supple and bold while her sultry voice has been compared to artists ranging from Macy Gray to Nora Jones. Her songs are relaxing, refreshing and catchy; staying with you long after they have ended. Just don’t be fooled by her appearance. Her bleach blonde hair doesn’t make her another Brittany Spears because the voice that comes through an acoustic guitar mixed with programmed beats might just surprise you.

Archived article by Megan Altman
Sun Contributor