September 22, 2005

Test Spin: T. Raumschmiere

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The top German exports are fancy cars, strong beer, chemicals and Punktronica. T. Raumschmiere’s newest album, Blitzkrieg Pop, could only hope to be categorized as an off-the-wall mix of punk and electronica. As a metaphor, think of its sound as the result of putting your precious iPod in the microwave, setting the power to high and simultaneously having your little buddy possessed by a demon. An angsty, pissed off, little demon. Blitzkrieg Pop oozes raw energy and will surprise you with its combination of rough static-like synths and thumping bass line. Some of the songs like “Sick Like Me” and “An army of Watt” are catchy tracks that I’d imagine hearing at a few clubs. This album doesn’t cook as evenly as your microwave though, so you’ll find a mix of tempos from the electronic ambience of “Patridiot” to the title track’s frenetic speed and lively vocals. Although I compared Blitzkrieg Pop with possessed and damaged music players, Raumschmiere’s effort is mildly enjoyable if not categorizable. My advice is as follows: If you like electronica with an edge of ambient noise, check this out. If not, it’ll be a hit or miss affair. Either way, one thing I know for sure is this: Blitzkrieg Pop must be played loud. It demands it and it needs it

Archived article by Matthew Kulick
Sun Contributor