September 27, 2005

September 27, 1954: Frosh Attempt Panty Seizure

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On Sept 27, 1954, The Sun reported, in an article by Leonard N. Bebchick ’54, that the class of 1958 had attempted a panty raid the night before.

“An enthusiastic contingent of the class of ’58 attempted Ithaca’s first panty raid of the current season late last night.

“An orderly but leaderless group of between 150 to 200 students gathered at the womens’ dormitories after a spirited trek from the Baker buildings. Filling the air with cries of ‘we want panties … we want sex’ which were punctuated with yells of ‘what class – 58,’ the milling body quickly made their intent known.

“The group initially gathered at Mennen Hall where they had been attracted by a red light burning brightly from an upper story window. Failing in an attempt to seize the light, the body quickly took up the suggestion of ‘panty raid.’

“Proceeding directly to classmates in the Dickson group, the frosh took up the recurrent chants of the evening. Several attempts to enter the dorms were handily repulsed by a few male counselors. Turning from an indifferent female reception, the group ventured to the upperclass domain in Balch.

“The reaction here was more active and a bit icy as the dorm occupants leisurely proceeded to pour water from their windows.

“Dampened both in spirit and body, the frosh journeyed to Risley where small groups broke into song, apparently having abandoned their unsuccessful attempt to procure un-mentionables.

“The raid was somewhat of an oddity for Cornell, in the sense that most panty raids occur in the spring.”


Archived article by Eric Finkelstein