October 6, 2005

Campus Couture

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How many times have you flipped through the latest addition of Vogue and thought to yourself, oh my god, what was (insert designer name here) thinking? The designer label mishap can’t speak louder than that eyesore Dior tried to pass off as a bag (Rasta collection anyone?). What are even worse, are the couture casualties that result from designers getting overconfident and straying from what they are good at. Don’t be a slave to designer fashion and beware of the following frightful faux pas that fill the closets of every wannabe Christina Aguilera.

Juicy Jewels
Props to them for their terry sweatsuits that took teen fashion by storm, but Juicy Couture has made an egregious error in venturing into the world of cheap made-in-China jewelry. While it is no Cartier, Juicy jewelry can add up quickly in price (esp. the charm bracelets) and though they are cute, they last about as long as J-Lo’s nuptials. Much to the wearer’s dismay, the gold on their new bling eventually rubs off to reveal dull silver. We beg Juicy to stick to the terrycloth and let Tiffany do the accessorizing.

Logo Labels
It pains us to see the mighty fall, and Dior and Louis Vuitton have definitely fallen hard. Louis has been a classic since the beginning of designer bags, and women of all ages have worn the brand for years. He has, however, begun to severely stray from his timeless must-haves into the world of the uber-trendy and the tacky. Nowadays you can’t walk through the mall without seeing 12 year olds running around with multi-colored, cherry-covered Louis bags. With his new collections of carpet, cartoon and denim purses, his highness has surely abdicated his throne. Following close at Vuitton’s heels, Christian Dior has managed to take the logo craze to a whole new unsightly level. In an attempt to be unique, Dior takes his stylish signature bag and gives it a modern gag-worthy twist. With Rasta ribbons and cheetah trim, these Dior bags should be reserved for Fran Drescher’s night out in Vegas.

UGG’s Ugly Outfits
Their boots are amazingly comfortable, despite the controversy over their sometimes unflattering appearance, but there is no dispute over their clothes. They are horrendous. Unless you have aspirations of looking like a suede-clad Spiderman, avoid their ponchos and skirts at all costs. Not only are they ridiculous looking, they are have no function whatsoever. If you are wearing a skirt, then it’s clearly not cold enough for fur to be a necessity.

Not all hope is lost in the world of designers. While the above mentioned all took a nosedive, there are a few who have successfully made a comeback.

In the early days of Tod’s, no respectable 20 year old would step foot into their store for fear of looking like a geriatric golfer. Tod’s has managed to pull itself out of its grave and revamp its former frumpy look. Their styles moved from Connecticut country clubs to New York City night clubs in a blink of an eye. Bags and shoes by Tod’s are the ideal splurge for anyone who wants a striking yet timeless piece.

Lilly Pulitzer
The designer that was formerly found only in resorts has now spread her Palm Beach classics up and down the east coast. Her styles are fun, floral and capture a little bit of West Palm in every print. The classic shift she is famous for has now been replaced by a more contemporary and fitted. We highly recommend her terry sweatsuit because it is the most comfortable and cutest thing in the world. It may be expensive, but how can you say no to Lilly?

Archived article by Maria Panagopulos and Joanna DiCostanzo
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