October 6, 2005

Test Spin: John Stevens

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Remember that 16-year-old redhead on American Idol? The third season finalist – who didn’t make it? Well, his name is John Stevens and he’s back, proving America wrong with his upcoming solo debut album called Red. Some say that John was born in the wrong era, as he sings jazz, big band and swing music, but I think it’s refreshing to know that the music of our grandparents’ generation has not yet died.

John’s album consists of classic covers of timeless standards including Sinatra, Martin, Darin, Connick and The Beatles. His velvet voice sings renditions of classics such as “Come Fly with Me” and “I Only Have Eyes for You” but then covers the seemingly out of place, “This Love” by Maroon 5. John’s voice is OK and I believe he did a respectable job considering he is so young and new to the music industry. His appeal lies solely in the genre he sings and his small bout of TV fame. John Stevens’ music will get better with time, but as for now, Red is decent and worth a listen.

Archived article by Megan Altman
Sun Contributor