October 6, 2005

Test Spin: My Ruin

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With declining attendance at Ozzfest in recent years and the inability for groups like Korn and Disturbed to maintain prolific status like Pantera in the ’90s and Megadeth in the ’80s, metal has found itself searching for a fresh new group to resurface. Unfortunately, My Ruin doesn’t seem to fit this category. Their newest album features all the same howling and guitar thrashing of most hard rock bands of the ’90s. But unlike their predecessors, the excitement and energy is washed away in vocalist Tairrie B’s annoying and generic screaming. The opening track, “Nature Boy,” is a painfully cheesy monologue set against an eerie backdrop of synthesized chords that ends with an equally cheesy quote from Romeo and Juliet. The next track, “Silverlake 6571,” is the best track on the album, despite its blatant resemblance to something off of Velvet Revolver’s Contraband. Drummer Chris Lisee provides an awesome drum beat throughout the song and Tairrie B’s voice is actually melodic and somewhat catchy at certain points. Unfortunately, the rest of the album is washed away with unoriginality and overproduction.

Archived article by Jonny Lieberman
Sun Contributor