October 27, 2005

Test Spin: Ashlee Simpson

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What is there to say except that I totally enjoyed this overproduced specimen of modern day musicianship via studio magic. She misspells her name, she dyes her hair, she lip synchs her way through national television broadcasts and she’ll be forever attached to one of the creepiest engineered entertainment families ever. But whatever life throws her way, Ashlee’s seemingly confessional music (her first CD was titled Autobiography while this one is titled I Am Me) seems ignorant of most these developments. Well, except for that whole SNL debacle, which manifests via “Beautifully Broken.” This was the pop album I’d been waiting for, Stacie Orrico with a rock edge. Being biased towards the album’s more upbeat melodies, I found the ballads a bit repetitive and slightly ignorable. It’s all about the infectious hooks of “Coming Back for More” and maybe, if I’m being forgiving, the not-Lindsay-and-Wilmer-ness of “Boyfriend.” Expect more odd-pronunciation from the “pieces” queen herself, but other than that, this album is completely worth a listen.

Archived article by Tracy Zhang
Arts and Entertainment Editor