November 3, 2005

Campus Couture

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Every winter debuts into fashion with new takes on classic designs, but sometimes the trends go awry. The basic winter wear that all of us traipse around in sadly comes with hideous counterparts trailing close behind. To be able to distinguish between the fabulous and the frightening you need to be aware of the following fashion disasters that have been sighted around campus.

Puffy Vests
For those days that are not sub-zero, the puffy down vest comes in handy. It keeps you warm, but is not as cumbersome as that big Northface jacket, and the newest designs even come with a cute fur-lined hood. Throw it over a cozy sweater for a relaxed and low maintenance look. To avoid looking like an ice fisherman/hunter, steer clear of vests that look like they belong in the Bass Pro shops. Stick to blacks and browns rather than neon.

Furry Vests
These heinous creations are better suited for next Halloween’s pimp costume. Not only are they tacky, they make anyone wearing them look like a pretentious pauper. Some wannabe fashionistas attempt to bring them into the mainstream every winter, but clearly these deserve to be banished to the clearing racks at the Bon Ton. Unless you have aspirations of looking like Snoop-a-Loop, keep that furry roadkill off your back and in the trash where it belongs. Even Cruella De Vil would shudder at the thought of wearing flagrantly fake wolves’ fur. Your modacrylic pelt isn’t fooling anyone.

UGG Moccasins
This year UGG has decided to update their trendy boots into a more stylish and less bulky moccasin. These shoes are a great alternative to big boots, but they still come equipped with UGG’s luxurious fur lining that we all have come to love. We enjoy the warmth their knee high boots provide, but these moccasins are more suited for lounging around and are perfect for that quick run to CTB. We don’t recommend wearing them in the snow, so keep these handy for those crisp, dry fall days.

Ankle Boots
These are entirely unflattering and tend to give the appearance of bodybuilder calves. Everyone can appreciate a nostalgic and occasional trip down ’80s memory lane; however these, like fanny packs should never be revisited. Ankle boots are not noticeably terrible when worn under pants, but why invest in boots if you can’t show them off. Unless you’re planning on doing a remake of Girls Just Want To Have Fun, ditch these atrocious ankle adornments and opt for knee highs or flats.

Furry Hats
While these tend to look Eskimo-esque, the new furry winter hats have grown on us. They may seem severe, but their long furry flaps are ideal for keeping your ears frostbite free. When coupled with the previously mentioned vest and moccasins, you’ll look like a stylish snow bunny to be envied by the fashion failures on campus.

Horrifying Hats
Lately, many girls have decided to jump on the czarina bandwagon and top their tresses with ridiculous Russian-inspired hats. These hats make most people look like victims of a vicious mink attack. Not only are these hats tasteless, they also make you look like you have an oddly shaped head. If you’re not 17th century Russian royalty trudging through frozen Siberia do not attempt to wear these.

Archived article by Maria Panagopulos and Joanna DiCostanzo
Sun Staff Writers