November 10, 2005

Test Spin: Man Man

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The moment I started listening to this album and heard the words “Against the Peruvian monster!” projected without abandon in my ear, I knew Man Man was something different. The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face is filled with screeches, shouts, animated wind instruments, clanky percussion, childish choral vocalizations, whimsical tinkling sounds and a whole lot more that I’ve probably forgotten to mention. And what songs populate this quirky dreamscape? None other than ones with titles like “10lb Moustache” or “Zebra,” my personal favorite. Complete instrumental pieces like “Magic Blood” conjure up a mood reminiscent of some rich, gothic fable complete with stirring strings while the digitized whirls and beeps of “The Fog or China” connote a more progressive feel. The articulation may be spotted at best, but this initial disconnect soon becomes part of Man Man’s charm. A plethora of musical instruments and frenetic pacing completes the picture.

Archived article by Tracy Zhang
Arts and Entertainment Editor