November 10, 2005

Test Spin: The Leevees

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It’s getting close to that time of year when every Jewish boy and girl has to ponder the most important aspects of his or her life. No one wants to deal with these huge questions until they have to, and even then, the answer is never clear. This year, however, the kitschy band The LeeVees did it for us – sour cream or applesauce? C or H?

Filled with other inside jokes “our goyim friends,” as the LeeVees indelicately put it, might not know (what they’re talking about is what to put on your latke and the correct way to spell Hanukkah), Hanukkah Rocks is a collection of extra-fluffy fluff that deals with relevant holiday and Jewish issues – the timeshare in Florida, gelt (the gold-wrapped chocolate coins we bet with over a rousing game of dreidl) and eating Egg Foo Yung when all your friends enjoy their lavish, sinful roasts of ham and crème brulee on Christmas Eve. Who the band thinks will want to listen to this album more than once is never discussed, however.

The LeeVees kindly notify us that this album, in the spirit of the miracle of Hanukkah, was written in eight days. This is painfully obvious, guys, painfully. The verdict: Adam Sandler did the holiday much better.

Archived article by Elliot Singer
Sun Staff Writer