February 2, 2006

Terence Trent D'Arby

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Since back in 1987 when he claimed his debut album was the best since Sgt. Pepper, Terence Trent D’Arby has always been a preposterous character. His latest The Hits is no exception.

The first two tracks were, arguably, the only tracks which ever qualified as hits. “If You Let Me Stay” and “Wishing Well” were actually popular once. Yes, popular, just like Menudo and the Backstreet Boys.

The most interesting song on the album is certainly “Dance Little Sister (T.T.D.’s Remix)”, one of those fabulous inadvertent creations in the genre of “Late-Eighties-Funk-That’s-So-Bad-It’s-Good.” You’ll here it at frat parties in no time.

To its benefit, the album does experiment in many different styles, which keeps it relatively interesting. The only problem is none of the tracks are that good. “Delicate” isn’t a bad slow song, but I’d listen to Marvin Gaye. “She Kissed Me” is an decent pop-rock creation with a driving bass, but is far from innovative.

guitar line, but really isn’t anything interesting or innovative. Mediocre

is definitely the I’m looking for.

Archived article by Brad Lipovsky