February 16, 2006


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Sir Elton John’s self proclaimed favorite album of the year could be the perfect pitch for Apple. Created using a Powerbook G4, obscure, inexpensive records, and free software, the tracks are captivating enough to be heard at the hottest European clubs but unique enough to be worthy of comparison to some of some cutting-edge electronic masterminds like Norway’s Royksopp and the France’s Telepopmusik. The most popular single on the record, “In My Arms,” is based around a hook in which the same three five words, “In my arms, baby, yeah,” are repeated incessantly. However, the effect is far from annoying, as the song features a groovy sampling of Kim Carnes’ ’80s hit “Bette Davis Eyes,” and an interesting tempo change that will keep you begging the DJ to put the track on repeat. Aside from the monotonous spoken-word track, “Destroy Rock and Roll,” which grows boring a minute into the song, the disc is definitely attention, especially for those who like unique, well-produced electronica.

Archived article by Jonny Lieberman
Sun Staff Writer