February 23, 2006


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When Carnegie Mellon University hosted three showings of the movie Pirates, the school immediately drew flak: how could they justify sponsoring hardcore pornography? Yet despite repeated warnings by researchers that pornography can lead to sexual activity on campuses, CMU isn’t alone. On the other coast, UCSD showed the infamous Koala on its campus. “It was offensive because it was explicit porno, it showed every kind of sexual act I could think of,” student council member Denis Shmidt told a local news outlet. In a non-binding student vote 52 percent of students agreed Koala should not be sponsored by UCSD.

Fortunately for the more sensitive and righteous, the University has strict rules about not funding pornographic and potentially offensive material. Or does it? Each year, Cornell gives out thousands of condoms, which could offend religious students. More disturbing, there is precedent for pornographic features paid for with student funding. In the early 70s, Last Tango in Paris was put on by Cornell cinema, featuring Marlon Brando’s infamous hot butter scene.

Will our fair campus ever again see the prurient light of pornographic film? We have a feeling the Red Light will once again come to the Big Red.

Archived article by Sun Staff