February 24, 2006

Sports Funding in Peril

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The Student Assembly passed a resolution yesterday reopening the byline funding process for the Athletics Department, pending the approval of Susan Murphy, vice president of student and academic services.

“I think I speak for the Department when I say we’re very pleased we can go forward constructively,” said Frank Araneo, associate athletic director/business and finance.

The 15-6 vote by the S.A. barely passed the two-thirds majority required to open a new dialogue with the Athletics Department.

The co-chairs of the S.A.’s Athletic Committee, Sarah Boxer ’07 and Jim McCrindle ’07, sponsored the resolution.

The resolution detailed how Athletics had missed deadlines to apply for funding and had not responded to contact attempts made by the S.A.

Araneo did not deny that his department had made a mistake and further reiterated that Athletics was not trying to cast blame on the S.A. for the loss of funding.

“No one is trying to deny culpability here,” he said. “It’s not a function of us not caring about the S.A. and funding. I can say unequivocally that it is not the desire of the department to forgo [S.A.] funding