March 2, 2006

Fashion Debate

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Even the most saavy of fashionistas disagree on a style or two, and Joanna and I just can’t seem to come to terms on the following two style issues:

Cargo Pants

Maria: These gems are truly horrific. I cannot bear to see any girl (and most guys for that matter) wearing oversized army fatigue-type pants. Not only do they make you look misshapen, you look like GI Jane! Why accent the thighs you know you hate with gigantic pockets that stick out? Even worse are the hundreds of little snaps, clasps and strings that cinch and strap down each and every unnecessary strip of fabric. Abercrombie’s lame attempt at femme-ing up these horrors with strings of shells and giant belts truly tempts my gag reflex. Just give up trying to revive the ten year dead trend. These pants will never grace the inside of my closet and I hope they will never be in yours.

Joanna: As most of you are well aware, this spring season has been heavily influenced by military-inspired wear. Now, I’m not referring to head-to-toe camo (yuck), but I am specifically alluding to those updated, cute new cargo capris that are currently a very hot trend. These pants manage to be flirty, fun, and feminine without trying too hard. They also have just the right touch of tomboy, making these pants extremely versatile and a fresh new addition to your spring wardrobe. These pants easily transcend style boundaries and can be worn either to class or to the club. Paired with a tee and flip-flops, these pants look cute, casual, and comfortable. However, wearing them with a sexy halter and pointed kitten heels also looks incredibly chic. I happen to think that the pants from Abercrombie are adorable and casual, and not the least bit frumpy. This trend definitely deserves to stay.

Long Island Clubbers

Maria: I fully understand the reason why some may be completely opposed to the slicked up, primped and tanned look that almost every club-hopping Long Island guy is sporting lately. If you look closely at this native species of LI you will notice the impeccable dresser beneath the mobster wannabe fa