March 9, 2006


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Veteran rapper Scarface’s new album, One Hunid, or one unit, brings the underground flavor to the mainstream with the recruitment of Young Malice from Jackson, Miss., and Willie Hen from San Francisco. Known as “The Project,” the two are unapologetic of their explicit lyrics that tell the story of life in the American ghetto. Even the album cover shows their seriousness for the rap game by displaying the two without “bling” or “pimped-out rides.” Here, the music is all about their problems, their attitude, and their dreams. Representative of what gangster rap used to be, they prove that the confessions of heartache, pain, and unfulfilled dreams are more important than wealth and power.

One Hunid does not discuss the typical American life but renders a story of poverty, drugs, imprisonment, an exodus from street life and a rehashing of forgotten dreams. Although this album is very explicit, it symbolizes the explicitness of the street and an impoverished America.

Archived article by Chakira Branch