March 9, 2006

The Data Break

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The Data Break hails from Darmstadt, Germany; however, their music was pioneered in the Northwest with a soul in Seattle, Wash. The band is mainland Europe’s answer to electronic indie rock pioneered by the likes of Fugazi and perpetuated by Minus the Bear and others. In their debut album, Clap, the group makes use of electronic instrumentals, danceable beats and a variety of connected songs. Yet, there is a steady unharmonizing quality in their meld of lyrics and sound.

Still, personally speaking, it feels like they’re trying to pull something more responsive to pop culture rather than qualifying themselves as musicians. The band is made up of metalcore veterans who have slowly driven themselves into a lighter and more marketable machine. Although it’s easy to see what they’re trying to get at, their keyboard lines and ’80s effects come off as aurally awkward.

But even if they can’t truly emulate what they resemble, it would be unfair to dismiss them as Eurotrash – a good effort is far more descriptive.

Archived article by Aniq Rahman
Sun Staff Writer