March 15, 2006

Arun Shourie Cancels Lecture

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Arun Shourie, the former Indian Government Minister of Disinvestment and Minister of Communications and Information Technology, cancelled his lecture, originally scheduled for tonight, due to a family emergency. Shourie traveled back to India Monday after learning that one of his parents had passed away, according to Raj Shah, president of the Cornell U.S. India Political Action Committee, one of the sponsors of the event.

Shourie, a well-known public policy expert in economics, technology and privitization, planned to speak on India’s growing role as a global economic leader, prospective plans for India and the United States and President George W. Bush’s recent trip to India.

Shah told The Sun that the event will probably not be rescheduled because, as a sitting member of the Indian Parliament, Shourie does not have the time to travel to the United States often.

A former economist and investigative journalist, Shourie gained fame as one of a few journalists willing to speak out against powerful figures in India. He served as an economist for the World Bank, the executive editor of the Times of India and the editor of India Express – two of India’s leading newspapers.

Other sponsors of the lecture included the Society for India and the Johnson School of Business.

Archived article by Sun Staff