March 30, 2006

Band of Horses

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Sometimes indie rock manages to pull its head out of its own redundant ass and show the world a shinning, brilliant face. And sometimes it’s just a self-perpetuating fallacy. Band of Horses falls somewhere in between those two positions. Everything All the Time is textbook indie rock, replete with all the familiar signifiers of angular strumming, rising choruses, and irregular verse/refrain structures (they even have ethereal cooing!). And for some, this might work perfectly well. To its credit, the album’s opening four tracks are as strong as any, and the wailing walls of vocals and chorus on “Wicked Gil” and the lovely, echoing bass of “Our Swords” are almost enough to make this sound classic. However, they overshadow everything else that follows, and if Band of Horses begins at a peak, the remaining six tracks tumble into a valley of broken monuments to indie rock in general and My Morning Jacket in particular. Sometimes, this might be just be enough, but if Band of Horses aspires to something more timeless as their album title suggests, they need to channel the energy of their opening tracks, all the time.

Archived article by Zach Jones