March 30, 2006

Beach Fab

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This spring break made us realize that the frozen wasteland that is Cornell will soon be defrosting . We’ve found a couple chic items that will surely make you glam while you tan.

The Bag

Going to the beach should be an event, and thus, you should dress for the occasion, accessories and all. We’ve absolutely fallen in love with Lilly Pulitzers newest beach-going bag, which is not only roomy enough for your Juicy towel but also comes in the cutest colors Lilly has to offer. It is appropriate for on and off the sand and can even be used as a book bag when and if the weather improves. For those of you Lilly fanatics (and I know youre out there), get to the nearest Lilly boutique and grab one to go with both your shopper skirt and bikini before they run out.

Fab Footwear

Every person needs flips-flops for those days of fun in the sun, so make sure to invest in a pair that is not only cute but durable. Lacoste just came out with some that are simple, chic and sure to match almost any bikini you buy. Also, as an added bonus, they’ll definitely last longer than the Old Navy ones you bought and eventually wore down through the sole. The gator flip flops will keep you loking prepared and preppy throughout the sizzling months of July and August.

Itsy-Bitsy, Barely There Bikini

If you can pull it off, the Banana Moon stripe bikini from Victoria’s Secret is absolutely fab. Its colors accent the hot tan you are working so hard to achieve, and the stripes are cute and sporty without being overpowering. Also, at $80, this bikini won’t completely break the bank. In general, I recommend going for a suit with brown and gold tones, because they are always flattering and so hot.

Big Sunglasses

Whether you’re on the beach or strolling through C-town, big, designer sunglasses are an essential accessory for every fashionista this spring. Slightly oversized shades will help polish off a sleek, sophisticated look. Fashion purposes aside, cute sunglasses can be useful when trying to conceal, like the post-Wednesday-night-group therapy-hangover eyes. Stick with subtle insignias like Fendi or the always classy Chanels. Also, when selecting a pair, avoid excessively trendy/glam glasses, and instead opt for shades that are fashionable, yet will still be “in” next season.

Exotic Jewelry

As with fall, chunky, authentic / ethnic inspired jewelry is in. Wooden bangles are still very cute and turquoise is making a big comeback. This season, minimalism is key. Now that the Boho revolution has subsided, one or two statement pieces are all you need. Bold and exotic jewelry like this Ralph Lauren bracelet are sure to make a splash this season (lame pun intended).

One-piece Swimsuits

Unfortunately summer has the tendency to make many of us painfully aware of our less than ideal physique. Fortunately, many swimsuit designers have realized that most people are a far cry from Heidi and Gisele and are now creating younger, and more updated one-piece suits. Now I realize that a sultry one-piece seems paradoxical, but with this season’s plunging necklines, side slits, and criss-crossed backs, the discrepancy has now been reconciled. Both J.Crew and Nordstroms have cute and affordable options. Hopefully now that there is more of a selection, bathing suit shopping will cease to be the worst/most terrifying time of the season.

Archived article by Maria Panagopulos and Joanna DiCostanzo