March 30, 2006

Juvenile's Reality Check

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Ladies and gentlemen, New Orleans is back. Juvenile’s latest album, Reality Check, brings back the flow and lyrical content which has evaded the Southern rapper since his days with Cash Money Records. This album is a complete turn-around for Juvenile, who until now has failed to recapture the originality of 400 Degreez in 1998. The new track “Get Ya Hustle On” which takes shots at FEMA, brings politics into Juvenile’s rhymes for the first time. Furthermore, long time fans of Juvenile have nothing to fear in Reality Check, Juvenile’s cocky attitude and sexual themes are present in full force. Tracks such as “Rodeo” and “Addicted” along with tracks featuring Brian McKnight and Trey Songz successfully bring a slow R&B sound into Reality Check. One of the most significant differences present is the variety of artists on the album. Outside of Cash Money and UPT collaborations, Juvenile joins rap superstars such as Fat Joe, Ludacris and Mike Jones. Juvenile truly gives the audience a reality check, and the reality is that Juvenile has returned to the forefront of the hip-hop world.

Archived article by Kevin Kumar