April 6, 2006

Campus Coutoure

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Frat Guy Fashion Revolution

I recently received an email begging me to address the growing occurrence of the “frathole” look on campus. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, the typical “frathole” is the Lacoste polo wearing guy, with or without popped collar, who inevitably has a baseball cap (sporting some pretentious logo) tipped up on his head and a look that says “I’m better than you and I know it.” We see the types every time we venture to west for a trip down freshman memory lane, and they don’t make it a secret that the average Cornell frat boy is fairly well-off and familiar with the concept of expensive shopping. While personally I am a fan of the look mentioned above, I can understand how some may be getting tired of seeing the same thing on every Greek guy.

A little variety is much appreciated, because it makes you stand out in a sea of collared clones. Now I don’t mean throw away the polished look and go for grunge. Instead, expand your wardrobe from Polo men and Alligators to something a little more edgy, like D&G, which couples Euro-chic with preppy. While some of their designs border on outrageous, if the pieces are worn separately, they give the wearer a very sleek confident look that will surely set you apart from the average guy. Now don’t cringe yet, we understand that D&G screams metro, but if chosen well some of their sweaters, T’s and light jackets are extremely hot and won’t be confused for something Leo DiCaprio would sport.

If Dolce and Gabbana is more than you can handle, let me recommend dsquared2 and Brooks Brothers. Dsquared2 is a much more toned down men’s line that still has an edgy appeal without some of the more extreme styles of D&G. Brooks Brothers is perfect for the die-hard prep. It is clean looking, classic, and you can never go wrong sporting one of their jackets or button downs. We are always thrilled to find a guy who can dress well, and with such additions to your wardrobe, you’re sure to fall into that category.

Mini Skirts in Spring

With the weather warming up we are all ready to dress a little lighter and go tan on the slope. The dawn of spring, however, does not call for micro mini skirts on sixty degree days. For the beach? Yes. It is ninety degrees out in May? Yes. Slope day? YES! Those are perfectly acceptable times to shed some layers, kick back and work on that tan.

Right now, it is not fashionable or classy to walk around half naked when the snow has just finished melting and we’re still getting forecasts of possible flurries. Doesn’t it feel awkward to walk around barely clad in beach worthy wear when most people around you are sporting jeans or maybe a modest skirt? A knee length or slightly shorter cut is much more appropriate for the cool temperatures of early April spring and you will look infinitely less ridiculous walking down Tower Road.

If you can’t help but bare some skin, wear a light tank top or tube. These go great with more conservative skirt lengths without making you look Amish, and you’ll still be able to get some color walking around campus. I highly recommend coupling a knee length flowing shopper skirt with a matching tube top for the ultimate in springy style.

Archived article by Maria Panagopulos and Joanna DiCostanzo