April 6, 2006

Michael Columbia's Stay Hard

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The trippy instrumental beats that dance around the unusual vocal harmonies of David McDonnell and Dylan Ryan create a funky innovative sound that can be found on Michael Columbia’s new EP, Stay Hard.

With a mix of the sax, clarinet, violin, drums, bass, keyboard, and electronics, this duo combines loops and heavy beats that take you on a psychedelic ride out of this world.

Even with its futuristic and robotic beats, the strong synthesized rhythms, melodies and narrative form has an orchestral feel that makes this indie rock band quite different from anyone else.

Most of the songs follow a common pattern and have the same feel although it is still clear that some of the songs are better than others, such as the fourth song, “Predator.” Another stand-out is the first track “Dog Dog Camel” which features incredible falsettos harmonies and complex horn arrangements. Yet even its hits and misses, the album’s surreal feel will make you all get up and move your feet.

Archived article by Megan Altman