April 10, 2006

Model Citizen Design League Styles

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Who is more fashionable than the Cornell Design League?

On Saturday evening in Barton Hall, the CDL presented their annual fashion show, Model Citizen.

Over 60 designers and 150 models from a variety of colleges and majors, including textiles and apparel, design and environmental analysis and the architecture college. Every aspect of the 22nd annual fashion show was student run.

“It is a great opportunity for people who don’t want to major in fashion to still be able to express their interest,” said Melanie Gowen ’09.

The show was split between three theme lines, five full lines and nine lines by graduating seniors. The theme lines included casual, cocktail and evening wear. The full lines consisted of lingerie and lines with influences from fairy tales and nature.

“Kristin and Anne designed everything, from the dress to the shoes to the earrings,” said Gabby Cuesta ’09, who modeled in Kristin Ming ’06 and Anne Soderstrom’s ’06 line, Powder’s Laundrette. “When the music started I had such an adrenaline rush. I felt like I was alone, like there was no one in the audience.”

The CDL is an entirely student run organization that was founded in 1984 with the goal of assisting in the exchange of ideas between members. The designs, make-up, lighting, set production, photography, marketing, production and organization were all completed by the students who did not receive any academic credit for their work.

“I was astounded with the professional nature of the show as well as the creativity,” said Evan Smith ’08.

The CDL was also pleased with the outcome of the show.

“It’s crazy how fast it goes by. I pulled my first all-nighter of college for this, and I’m a senior. Every second was really worth it, and it all turned out so well,” said David Garman ’06, a member of the Cornell Design League executive board, designer and model.

“For me personally, because I am a senior everything was incredible. There was really a great turn out and great support,” said Susan Dauber ’06, a member of the Cornell Design League executive board and a designer for the show.

Next weekend the show will be put on again on a smaller scale in New York City, but professional models will be used. The same students’ designs that were presented on Saturday will be presented again.

“It is exciting to be a part or something with fashion and runway models and to take part in something that goes beyond the Cornell campus,” Gowen said.

Archived article by Dana Mendelowitz
Sun Staff Writer