April 13, 2006

Fashion For When It Rains

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Remember that old saying we learned in elementary school: “April showers bring May flowers.” To keep you looking fab, we’ve compiled a list of this season’s rainy day necessities.


Everyone knows that rain and humidity guarantees an unruly mane. To keep your hair looking chic, and not freak, wear a cute and flirty baseball cap. Baseball caps serve an invaluable purpose: they let you get away without showering/brushing your hair and are a great way to circumvent the horrors of a bad hair day. The pink pony baseball cap by Polo not only tames your mane, but a portion of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research.


For those of you who despise hats, a diffuser is an absolute hair must. Diffusers, when used with a frizz serum and curling spray, provide an easy and simple way to get gorgeous locks. They help minimize frizz, while also helping you to get ready in a jiffy. My personal favorite is the CHI turbo blow-dryer and diffuser, but the Solano diffuser is a great alternative.


Yes, blazers are still in, but this season’s blazers are shorter, more fitted and have that wonderful spring feel. Not only are they sleeker and more flattering than sweaters, but they are also perfect for that weird, “in-between” temperature characteristic of spring in the northeast. Our favorite is the new seersucker blazer from J. Crew. Personally, we’re fans of seersucker everything – from pants, to skirts and shorts. This blazer definitely has that “yacht club at the Vineyard” vibe. So cute, so weather appropriate … and so spring!


Rain is no excuse for ugly accessories, so be creative and opt for a trendy one. Fashionable umbrellas definitely make a statement and offer a nice and aesthetically pleasing break from the boring/depressing black umbrellas seen all over campus. This Juicy Coutoure umbrella is bright and cheery, and the prefect accessory for someone with major fashion cred. Although it does have a hefty price tag (it is a designer umbrella) we think it’s worth the splurge.

Sperry Rainboots

Anyone who has had to trudge across campus in a downpour realizes just how essential a pair of rainboots, or “wellies” are. Thankfully, the fashion world has taken note, and there are some super-stylish options that are a far cry from the hideous yellow abominations we used to dread being seen in. J.Crew issued a bunch with their cute little critters on them, and Steve Madden even made them in animal print, but our faves this season are the Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Print ones. And at only $60, they’re cute, practical, and affordable.


Now its all well and good to be wearing your boots and have your umbrella on hand, but lets face it: if you don’t have on the proper coat, you’re gonna get wet. Michael Kors’ single-breasted raincoat, especially in the oh-so-springtime shade of sea grass. It’s simple, sophisticated and classy. Once again, it’s also pretty affordable, so you have no reason not to go out and snag yourself one. Rainy days may be downers, but your mood is certain to be a little brighter if you’re wearing something this cute.

Archived article by Maria Panagopulos and Joanna DiCostanzo