April 13, 2006

Various, "Dorm Seesions Vol. III"

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In case you had any doubts, the students over at the Berklee College of Music have been laying down some solid tracks of late. Released under the student run Heavy Rotation label and featuring nine student acts, Dorm Sessions Vol. III is a showcase of the diversity and talent of today’s Berklee College artists. The album starts with John-John’s bumpin’ track “Bounce,” which competes with Anjuli Star’s “Time 2 Shine” as the most groovin’, club-ready tracks in the compilation. Star also offers a powerful acoustic R&B track in “Raindrops.”

The members of Elizabeth and the Catapult bring a unique collection of skills to their project, with an interesting, unintuitively-cool result. The stand-up, jazz-style base line defines a great framework while the sweet female vocals melodically tell true lyrics.

Although highly variable – this is a compilation, after all – this collection of music surely highlights students whose music we’ll being hearing more of.

Archived article by Brad Lipovsky