April 18, 2006

Lichtblau '87 Wins Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting

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New York Times journalist Eric Lichtblau ’87 won a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting yesterday.

Lichtblau was honored, along with fellow Times reporter James Risen, for their “carefully sourced” stories on the National Security Agency’s secret domestic eavesdropping program. According to the Pulitzer board, the stories began a national debate about the tensions between combating terrorism and preserving civil liberties. The White House had asked the newspaper not to publish the story, as they worried it might compromise national security.

Lichtblau began his professional journalism career as a reporter in the Washington bureau of the Los Angeles Times, and now serves as a Washington correspondent for the New York Times.

A former Sun reporter, Lichtblau visited Cornell last Monday to speak on the role of a journalist in a post Sept. 11 world.

Archived article by Sun Staff