April 20, 2006

New Spring Looks

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Lately it has come to our attention that most girls on campus have become casualties of the JAP-clone movement of Hardtail and North Face. While this attire is acceptable for certain occasions, it has become all too common and quasi-boring. Fortunately we have compiled a list of this season’s must-haves for different style profiles, with the hopes of breaking the conformity cycle. Hopefully this season’s essentials will inspire you to ditch the “downstate duds” and revive your own personal style.

For the Sporty Girl

Belt: Colorful belts are a great accessory for spring and compliment any outfit. The single ribbon belts from J.Crew soften the sporty look with a subtle preppy-casual vibe. Fortunately for those of you with pink phobia, many of these belts are offered in colors such as blue and green.

Bag: Despite being around for centuries, the Puma Bowling Bag remains a top pick for girls on the go. Reasonably priced and durable, these bags provide the perfect sporty touch without being too dowdy or boyish. Plus, this bag serves dual purposes, doubling as a day/gym bag.

Bottoms: A major trend this season is the roll-up twill cargo Capri pants. Great for athletic figures, these pants are feminine yet comfy at the same time. Abercrombie offers tons of cute variations on this pant. Caution: Despite the current ubiquity of Camo, it will undoubtedly become passé by next season, so steer clear. Unless you’re by a campfire after skinning a deer, please please avoid this heinous print at all costs.

Best Top: Ralph Lauren Rugby Polo shirts

For the Preppy Girl

Nothing’s more Ivy League than a preppy outfit complete with plaids and a polo.

Bottoms: The plaid Bermuda shorts from J.Crew are incredibly cute and have that family vacay at the Vineyard vibe….so preppy!!

Bag: The white leather Hamptons carryall from Coach is the perfect bag for prepsters. White is a huge color this season and gives this bag a classic and sophisticated feel. Honestly anything that is prefaced with the word “Hamptons” definitely belongs in a preppy girl’s closet.

Best Top: A fitted and tailored ruffled tuxedo shirt

For the Trendy Girl

Bag: Woven straw hobos are a hot trend for spring/summer and are a refreshing take on the oversized leather hobos seen all winter. Nordstroms, Bloomies, and Saks all feature these bags.

Belts: This fall welcomed the advent of a whole new idea-wearing your belt over your shirt. Now that belts primarily serve an aesthetic purpose rather than a functional purpose, cute and hip belts are a must! Embellished or woven belts, such as the double plaited leather tie belt from Banana, are great picks. FYI: Time to ditch that Moroccan disk belt. These belts got wayyy too played out in the fall and now we’re just sick of them!!

Bottoms: Gaucho pants are still in, but rather than buying the typical loose-fitting gaucho made of stretchy material, try a more structured fit. Nautical trends are also big this season, and sailor-inspired gauchos are the perfect addition to a trendy girl’s wardrobe!

Archived article by Maria Panagopulos and Joanna DiCostanzo