April 27, 2006

The Sounds' Dying To Say This To You

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What happens when you take a bunch of synth-loving Swedish guys, throw in a hot, raspy-voiced Scandinavian blonde chick and add an album cover with two dark-haired busty girls on it? A great marketing ploy and an album that isn’t half bad. Dying To Say This To You, the follow-up to The Sounds’ debut Living in America is definitely just as danceable. “Queen Of Apology,” the liveliest track on the album, starts out with a layered progression of guitar and drums that peaks with vocalist Maja Ivarsson, who is backed by an array of almost absurdly over-the-top ’80s keyboard riffs. But instead of being cheesy, the song is upbeat enough that it will rival anything your Blondie-crazed friend might put on a mix. Only when The Sounds try and experiment with a slower sound, such as on the mopey “Night After Night,” does the album show its faults. Dying To Say This To You is a solid sophomore album that will be well appreciated by anyone looking for a quick eighties fix without too much lyrical stimulation.

Archived article by Jonny Lieberman