May 5, 2006

'Creeper' Still Missing

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Abraham Shorey, 25, notoriously known as the Collegetown Creeper for “creeping” into college females’ apartments while they slept, was spotted in California, Florida and Oregon, according to the America’s Most Wanted website. Shorey’s whereabouts have been unknown, after he failed to appear for his arraignment in November 2004.

According to the website, Shorey has been known to attend “hippie gatherings,” such as a “rainbow gathering” in Marion County, Fl., where he was reportedly spotted. Shorey is also reported to have family in Vermont, California and Hawaii.

Shorey, who was identified as the Collegetown Creeper in October 2004, denied the claims. Shorey had a 13-month history of break-ins prior to being caught and was identified from a lineup by one of the victims. Police, however, were unable to charge him with anything other than two instances of criminal trespassing.

The Sun reported in February 2005 that someone had used Shorey’s card to check out books from Tomkins Country Library. However, librarians said that that man was definitely not Shorey, and that borrowing cards from friends is a common occurrence.

So where is the Creeper now?

Shorey’s case appeared in an episode of the America’s Most Wanted in January, where he was reported to be seen somewhere in the southwestern United States. The Ithaca Journal, meanwhile, reported that he was last seen in 2005 in Eugene, OR, after being arrested for a minor violation.

While in Ithaca, Shorey was married with six children and worked at The Nines, a pizza restaurant in Collegetown.

-Reported by Hailey Wilmer

Archived article by Hailey Wilmer
Sun Contributor