August 22, 2006

Class of 2010 Profile

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You might have noticed more than the average number of parental types wandering campus lately – but don’t be fooled. Although they’re unfamiliar with how to get around at Cornell, these parents are the proud mothers and fathers of the newest members of the Cornell family: the Class of 2010.

“The class of 2010 looks great,” said Doris Davis, associate provost for admissions and enrollment. “The admission staff has done a perfect job in helping to attract and securing a wonderful mix of bright young people who we will be proud to welcome as freshmen.”

The profile of the Class of 2010 certainly supports her claims. The admission rate for this class was the most selective in Cornell’s history, at 24.7 percent, while the total number of applicants also broke all-time records, with the university receiving 28,097 undergraduate applications. Of the 3,200 students who moved onto North Campus last Friday, 85 percent ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school classes.

“The decision process was extraordinarily selective this year, which continues a trend for the university,” Davis said. “[This year’s applications] represent a 15 percent increase over last year and a 35 percent increase over the past two years.”

Nearly 36 percent of this year’s freshmen class consists of students who describe themselves as minorities, a rise of 2 percent from last year. Fifteen percent describe themselves as Asian-American, 6 percent as African-American, 5 percent as Hispanic-American, 0.6 percent as Native American, and 9 percent are international students.

Those that reside in the United States also hail from diverse locations; a quarter of the freshmen come from New York state, 21 percent from the Mid-Atlantic, 10 percent from New England, 13 percent from the Far West, 9 percent from the Midwest, 6 percent from the Southeast and 5 percent from the Southwest.