August 23, 2006

U.S. News & World Report Features C.U.

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In an addition to a bump in rankings, the 2007 “America’s Best Colleges” U.S. News & World Report features C.U. in an article titled, “In a League of its Own.”
Although an official campus tour can provide facts and figures about a university, the magazine sent reporters to Cornell, UCLA and Liberty University for 24 hours to attempt to determine what the schools are actually like when the tour ends.
Angie C. Marek calls Cornell an “out-of-the-ordinary Ivy” that “offers challenges absent from many selective liberal arts schools.”
Marek says that outsiders may view Cornell as the easy Ivy League; however, she says “what some may mistake for easiness may be Cornell’s practical focus.”
Marek tackles many common perceptions about Cornell, from the notion of the high suicide rate to the University’s focus on undergraduate research opportunities and says that Cornell is a school that “takes recreation seriously.”
After experiencing an official tour and observing Cornell, Marek ends her visit in Cornellian fashion with a drink at Rulloff’s.