September 7, 2006

The Mountain Goats' Get Lonely

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The Mountain Goats’ , which is really just one man, John Darnielle, umpteenth release called Get Lonely is packed with imaginative and literary lyrics forming a string of interesting stories as each track plays on. With lyrics as pensive and introspective as they are softly sang, this album demands a large amount of patience to really be enjoyed.
If not it’s seemingly monotonous tracks will leave you just as the image its lyrics portray: a lost man, stumbling around in a daze. Singing along with a melancholic guitar and piano, Darnielle sings of love, loss, and his boredom with everyday life. In this lightweight album, when all else seems to die the occasional burst of beautiful horns, brushed drums, and violins bring it back to life. If you are looking for an uplifting album the Mountain Goats are not for you, but if you like to contemplate lyrics in a sea of subdued messages or contemplate interesting lines such as Wild Sage’s “I thought I heard angles in my ears, like marbles thrown against a mirror,” this is a great new album just for you.