September 14, 2006

Camera Obscura's Let's Get Out Of The Country

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Camera Obscura is your average indie band. They’re from Glasgow, have a few girls in the band, and sound just like Belle and Sebastian. Their newest album Let’s Get Out Of This Country does little to distinguish the ensemble from other bands such as Pants Yell!, or Starlight Mints.
In this way, there’s nothing bad about Let’s Get Out Of This Country but there’s nothing exciting either. Ironically, Camera Obscura get their name from a renaissance device could be used in place of genuine talent. This is not to say that Camera Obscura is not talented, but Let’s Get Out does not fill a void. Many of the songs are at best good background music. The album’s title track is one of the strongest, but lyrically and musically doesn’t quite reach as high a height as it implies it could. A sample lyric points to its mediocirty: “We’ll find a cathedral city/ You can convince me I am pretty.” The album is worth a listen; I just can’t ever imagine scrolling through my music and thinking that this album would be at the top of my playlist